By Megan Boatwright,

Channel 3 Eyewitness News Reporter

HIXSON, TN. (WRCB) --  Investigators are still trying to piece together the events that led to the death of a Hixson woman.

Family members identify her as 38-year-old, Carla Nolan ,who suffered burns to 90 percent of her body.

Initial reports said a burning candle started the fire that killed Nolan, but her husband tells a different story.

Officials say when they arrived on scene Saturday the fire was already out and firefighters were told the fire began with a candle.  Sunday the victim's husband says that's not what happened, and not what he told Chattanooga Police detectives Saturday night.

"All the information they gave about a candle setting the couch on fire is totally incorrect," says the husband. 

Carl Nolan, his daughter and family spent Sunday cleaning his home and making funeral arrangements for Nolan's 38-year-old wife, Carla. 

"It's still not a good day," Nolan says.  "It's not a good day."

The home and a portion of roadway on Ely Rd. were blocked around noon Saturday as police and fire officials worked the scene.

Firefighter were told a candle fell on a couch and started a fire, which then spread to Carla Nolan's clothes but Carl Nolan tells a different story.

"I'm not sure if the flame flew up on her and caught on fire or if it actually exploded," the husband says.  "I'm just giving the information she gave me."

Nolan's living room shows clear signs of the fire, although damage to the rest of the house is mimimal. The husband says his wife of 13 years was a smoker, and the fire actually started when Carla's cigarette lighter blew up.

"I'd just worked the midnight shift," Nolan says.  "I was asleep on another couch.  I woke up to my daughter screaming and the fire alarms going off." 

One thing Nolan and officials do agree on is what happened after the fire started.  Nolan says he tore off his wife's burning clothes while the couple's 14-year-old daughter ran to the kitchen for water.

"When we got it put out she was up and walked around before medics took her," he says.  "I asked her what happened.  She said the lighter blew up on her."   

Nolan says it was a new lighter, his wife had recently purchased at Dollar General.  Three candles sit on the family's living room coffee table, still the husband disagrees.

"Unless fire investigators revealed it was a candle I didn't see any evidence of it being a candle," Nolan says. 

Chattanooga Police say Nolan's cigarette lighter story is what he told detectives during questioning Sunday night.  Still nothing has been determined by fire or police investigators.  The case is still under investigation.