By WRCB Staff

CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) -- Governor Haslam spent most of Friday in Chattanooga, for his first visit as Governor.

Haslam toured manufacturing facilities and meeting with business and economic leaders. 

Haslam held a jobs roundtable at UTC earlier. The Governor joked about traveling with Deputy Governor Claude Ramsey and that he was no doubt "the man" in this town.

Haslam was serious about job talk and said legislation is not the way to bring more jobs to the Tennessee Valley.

"Two things help me understand things I need to know to help bring jobs in the area and things you think the state can do to better help's a learning session for me and here's some specific ways you might help with economic development," says Haslam.

The Governor visited Volkswagen and Alstom Power.

He closed his regional celebration at the Aquarium. 

The trip was postponed by snow in January.