By WRCB Staff

BRADLEY COUNTY, TN (WRCB) -- Deputies working to arrest David Robert Overbay on a warrant for violating conditions of community supervision, found an active meth lab Thursday at 135 Spearfish Lane.

Investigation revealed Overbay had been living there with three other adults. Once he was in custody the owner of the property gave permission for deputies to search his room and in it they found two bags of methamphetamine and three scales.

From the time they had entered the home drug enforcement detectives noted a chemical odor that is consistent with methamphetamine labs. When the door to a back bedroom was opened the odor became much stronger. The room was found to have chemicals and other items used in the production of meth.

In addition to the adults, a two-year old child resided in the home and was exposed to chemical vapors released during the mixing of toxic substances.

Overbay, 41, was also charged with initiation of meth manufacture and simple possession / casual exchange.

Theresa Dawn Rich, 28, Eric Lamar Massengill, 29, and Wendie Lemons, 31, face similar charges. Massengill and Lemons were also charged with child endangerment.