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Waking up to snow becoming the norm

Story by Nick Austin
Storm Alert 3 Meteorologist

CHATTANOOGA (WRCB)-- Waking up to snow on the ground Thursday morning probably didn't shock many of you in the Tennessee Valley.

After all, it's been a frequent sight this winter, but just how frequent?

A little more than 12.5 inches of snow have officially fallen in Chattanooga since December 1st, more than three times the amount we normally get through mid-February.

"Well, we have had a lot of snow," says Martha King.

And the normal 1.3 inches we expect the entire month of February, well, that almost all fell Wednesday night.

Martha King's third grade daughter, Kate, attends Thrasher Elementary on Signal Mountain. School was called off again Thursday, so Martha rolled with the punches to keep young Kate occupied.

"If the kids are out and there's no school, I work right over here at Signal Mountain Travel, so they come with me a lot," says King.

Other times they'll stay home if possible and Kate does what most kids would do with the snow.

"I like playing in it and I like making snow angels," says Kate.

Sometimes she has other, more mischievous, ideas.

"Snowballs and throwing them at my brother," says Kate.

The amount of snow in the Tennessee Valley this winter is only one side of the story.

The number of days with at least a trace of snow since the beginning of December is 25, much lower than the same time period last winter.

We also saw a stretch of seven consecutive days in January with at least a trace of snow, which included the big storm on the 10th.

If the season keeps up like this, Kate may end spending more time at her mom's office.

"We're out of snow days. So I worry that if we get any more snow that maybe they won't call school off when they need to," says King.

With warmer and drier weather in the forecast for at least another week, hopefully snow days and school cancellations won't be a topic of conversation among parents for quite a while.

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