Paul Shahen
Eyewitness News Reporter

MARION COUNTY, TN (WRCB) -- Police named Jarrod Pickett a suspect on Tuesday. On Wednesday, his mother helped turn him in at the Motel 6 in downtown Chattanooga.

On Wednesday night the third floor was evacuated. Pickett refused to come out of his room.

S.W.A.T was about to enter, but Pickett's mother called Jarrod's room, they talked, and Jarrod gave himself up.

Meanwhile, the family is left with a lot of un answered questions.

"We hope there's a lot of questions answered over this arrest, because we still don't understand why this happened," said Steve Hudson, brother of victim Kenneth Hudson.

Steve buried his brother less than 24 hours after the Jarrod Pickett was in cuffs.

Thanks in part to the suspects mother who talked her son into custody at this motel 6. Some in the motel like Chrissi Howard and her daughter even slept through the chaos.

"It's scary, just my daughter and we were by ourselves."

Steve's wife remembers teaching the suspect Jarrod Pickett at Marion County High School...

Shaking their heads, again from the bottom of their hearts, they ask why?

"I would just wanna know why you did that? what their connection was, and why? Why did it? why did you have to do that, that's all I wanna know.>

Right now they can only speculate on rumors they're hearing around town. They're in close contact with Marion County Sheriff Bo Burnett who attended the funeral.

They're relying on loved ones to stay positive.

"We've had a lot of help from our church, and of course family. That means a lot," said Hudson.

Justification may never come, but for Steve a closed case will bring closure, "that would mean everything in the world, I had a good brother, he didn't deserve this, he did not, he didn't deserve this."

The victim's family is urging anyone with any information to contact the authorities.