CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - A Georgia legislator is hoping to bring horse racing to the Peach State.

State Representative Harry Geisinger, of Roswell, introduced House Resolution 186 Tuesday, a constitutional amendment that would allow voters to decide if horse racing should be allowed in their communities.

"As Georgians across the state continue to struggle to find employment, the legislature must look for new ways to bring much needed jobs to our state," said Representative Harry Geisinger in a release Tuesday.   "Expanding our state's horse industry is a simple way to do just that.  The number of jobs created and revenue generated would give Georgia a much needed economic boost."

Geisinger's resolution stipulates that money the state makes off betting would have to be used for scholarships, pre-k programs or trauma care services.

If the amendment is ratified by voters, Rep. Geisinger would introduce enabling legislation that would vest all control of horse racing with wagering to the Georgia Horse Racing Commission.  This Commission would ensure that all wagering is conducted in accordance with Georgia law at licensed horse racetrack and satellite facilities.

Horse racing and wagering is currently legal in 38 states.

Geisinger introduced a similar resolution in 2009.