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County Mayor talks with District 7 residents

By Greg Glover
Eyewitness News Anchor

OOLTEAH, HAMILTON COUNTY, TN (WRCB) -What better way for a new mayor to get a feel for the job than taking a tour of the County's 9 districts and hearing directly from the voters?

Mayor Jim Coppinger is doing just that and finding that while a lot my be going right in Hamilton County, there's still room for improvement.

"Everybody's been very respectful and their concerns, some of them, I share in their concerns," says Coppinger.

Coppinger may be getting an ear-full on his tour of Hamilton County districts, but that goes with the job and the new county mayor says he enjoys it.

Monday night, he and other elected officials were on stage in the lights at East Hamilton Middle-High School, the site of one of the evening's issues.

"They built it without providing any athletic facilities whatsoever, other than the gym that's inside the school," says District 7 resident Wayne Jackson.  


Football field incomplete and baseball, softball and soccer fields not even begun.  the price tag of almost 2 million dollars, is presumed to be covered by parents and boosters.  Jackson and others say, we've paid our taxes.

"When we ask, 'Why don't you put the athletic facilities there, their answer has always been, 'Well, we've never done that in the past,' and that answer's not good for us anymore," says Jackson.

The mayor says he understands the problem.

"Taxpayer dollars were not included in building ball fields in the beginning. May be we need to look at it in the future of building or bidding the properties to include athletic fields," says Coppinger.

Constituents didn't get the answer they were seeking, but they're not ready to give up, just yet.

"I think we're gonna keep bringing it up until we get some resolution for it," says Jackson.

The new county mayor is ready to get to work.

"It's been a fun event for me to get out and engage people and listen to their comments and concerns and start trying to go back and solve the problems," says Coppinger.

As you saw there, the mayor invites other district elected officials to attend and field questions with him at each stop.

His next county conversation will be in District 8 Tuesday evening at 6:00 at East Ridge Middle School.


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