Story by Nick Austin
Channel 3 Meteorologist

DALTON, GA. (WRCB)-- The snow missed Chattanooga, but many Tennessee Valley residents awoke to snow Friday morning.

It's hard to believe, or maybe not, but northern portions of the peach state were coated with snow again Thursday night as another winter storm moved out of Alabama.

It was later washed off the roads by a steady light rain, but reminders of it were still visible on other surfaces Friday morning.

Ringgold resident Cecil Eldford wasn't concerned with driving around his neck of the woods, but he had to travel to northeast Alabama, where snow and ice caused school delays and traffic accidents.

"I'm sort of dreading the roads down there because my tires are conventional tires and I don't know if they'll take that or not," says Eldford.

Most north Georgia folks have probably lost count of how many times it's snowed during this busy winter.

Shane Hammontree lives near Dalton in the Rocky Face area.

While his car was still partially encased in snow by breakfast, its blanket was much bigger at wake-up time.

"It was all covered up, but you know, a little bit of heat on the inside melted it on the outside," says Hammontree.

Even though this taste of winter was a small one, it was a taste that lay bitter in Hammontree's mouth.

He has come down with an early case of Spring Fever and is ready to say good riddance to the snow.

"I'm over the snow. I'm ready for Summer time. It's time for the lake. I'm so over it," says Hammontree.

But with a little more than six weeks still left to go in this unusual winter season, there's still a chance in north Georgia for more frigid weather and snow.