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Meet the first volunteer of the Big Hearts Build

ROCK SPRINGS, WALKER COUNTY (WRCB) - Brittany White says the Extreme Home Makeover show is one of her favorite.

"It is so neat. I would love for them to do my house," she says.

Eager and willing to get to work on the Big Hearts Project says she signed up as soon as the message got out.

Little did she know was she was the first to do so.

"It is really exciting and it is something that I will always remember. I know it takes a lot of work to build a house in a week, but I know it can be done," Brittany says.

She works as a teller at Covenant Bank in Rock Springs, Georgia.

She, like the 4,000 plus volunteers who have already signed up, are ready to put their day-to-day lives on hold to help the deserving family.

She says after seeing the makeover show, she felt inspired to be a part of this project.

"I'll be more willing to devoting my time to helping others," White says.

It's not her first time helping out, but it is a first for a project of this size.

Volunteers to Date
General - 4,057
Skilled - 284
Construction - 68
Design - 236

Volunteer Coordinator Craig Miller says the list for helpers keeps growing.

He says there's no limit to the number of applicants, but logistics will be the next task. "The response has been so good that in the area you are in or wherever it is, we don't know. Obviously we can only facilitate so many people."

And amongst the crowds of hard hats and volunteers, Brittany says she hopes this build will change others lives as much as it will hers.

Though she may be the first of many, she says there's power in numbers. "That is why I signed up as a general volunteer and I'm willing to do anything that is needed. Not sure what that is, but I can do it."



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