By Antwan Harris
Eyewitness News Reporter

HIXSON, HAMILTON COUNTY, TN (WRCB) --Cheryl Edwards walks past her newly finished deck that once was a disaster waiting to happen.

"It was rotting, not treated, unsafe. Nails were coming up," says Edwards.

The deck had been built with the home more than 30 years ago, and with minimal upkeep, the years were taking a toll.

After a member of her church overheard her mention the deck's condition, someone signed her up for the World Changers Organization to help fix it.

She says just when she thought of giving the home up for financial reasons, she was contacted by World Changers saying, her deck would soon be repaired.

"It was an emotional thing that god would give me the opportunity and bring it to me," says Edwards.

She priced out materials and tools for the repairs, it totaled more than $1000.

Edwards approached Vision Homes builder Craig Smith to see if he could do the work for a cheaper price and he eventually accepted.

Once the deck repairs were finished in June, Edwards said she never got the bill.

"I said you need to get that to me, I'm ready. He just smiled and said I haven't seen it yet," says Edwards.

She said for months she tried to get a bill, but Smith claimed he hasn't seen it, he eventually told her to consider it a gift.

Fast forward to the "Big Hearts" Project, she said this wasn't sheer luck Vision Homes was picked to do the job.

She told Smith it was an act of God.

"I told him God has entrusted you with this bigger thing because he knows you will do your best," says Edwards.

As for the $1000 set aside for the deck, she says she didn't spend a penny of it.