CHATTANOOGA, HAMILTON COUNTY (WRCB) - Clare Sawyer with the Chattanooga Area Food Banks said she up to the challenge.

The Big Hearts Makeover group is pushing everyone in the community to donate 300,000 pounds or roughly 150 tons, of food items as part of the build.

Sawyer says she's confident the Chattanooga community will answer the call.

Sawyer said, "They do, they always do. They are very responsive and generous."

The challenge has become a competition between "extreme towns" to see who can raise the most food.

The food bank had its largest drive on record with Channel 3's "Share Your Christmas" event.

That raised 160,000 pounds - try doubling that and finding a place to put it.

Sawyer said, "It is the least of our worries...we will find space"

The push for donations has already started.

Karen Walsh with McKamey Animal Shelter said, "We are a great community for stepping up and helping others."

Walsh grabbed a bin before the official logo was placed on it.

She said McKamey is looking for more ways to help with the project, and the deserving family.

Walsh said, "We are going to donate an adoption to the silent auction and we hope they might be interested in adopting a pet in the family they choose."

Any business can become a donation center, just call the Food Bank at 622-1800

Canned food and dry goods are needed most.

The food drive will officially kick off at Thursday's pep rally at the Chattanoogan Hotel.

Click here for Channel 3's official page related to the Big Hearts extreme home makeover project.