CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - When an army of network production crews and local volunteers help build a new house for a local family in a 7-day period, it will take lots of coffee to get through the long days.

And our visitors from across the country as well as those neighbors close to home will be sipping on local flavor. The Chattanooga Coffee Company will provide locally brewed coffee during the Big Hearts extreme home makeover.

Located in the historic Park Plaza Office Building at 1010 Market Street, Chattz Coffeehouse prides itself on hand-roasted cofee. The Chattanooga Coffee Company serves local markets, restaurants, and cafes. Offices, banks, and hotels across the city also servce the local coffee.

According to the company's website, coffee roasters get up before daylight morning after morning, firing up the roaster and carefully tending the beans as they turn from green to golden brown. It means bagging coffee, mailing coffee, delivering coffee… getting that warm, fresh coffee out to restaurants, markets, offices, and its own CHATTZ as quickly after roasting as possible so that customers have the finest, freshest coffee every day.