CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - While the Channel 3 viewing area waits on the extreme home makeover build next month, the crew is working on another project just outside Jacksonville, Florida.

The NBC affiliate, WTLV-TV, reports that thousands are working around the clock to demolish and rebuild a house in the same spot. The show is helping a volleyball coach who took in three girls after their mother died. The homeowner and girls are spending a week in the Virgin Islands while their house is being built.

"Everything is going so fast and it's an incredible experience," designer Jillian Harris told WTLV-TV.

The foundation, which was mixed with a setting accelerant, was poured one early morning and was solid just a few hours later.

The show's executive producer said practice has made for nearly perfect homes on these quick builds.

"This is about our 190th build and our eighth season, so it took awhile," Brady Connell told the television station.

"The first couple of years were a little rocky to figure out exactly how to do it in such a short period of time, but now we have a formula."

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