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3 on Your Side: More Allcare patients receive teeth

Story by Paul Shahen
Eyewitness News Reporter

CHATTANOOGA (WRCB)-- All Teresa Millard wanted was to chew some gum.

Well, now she's getting to do just that.

More patients are finally getting the perfect smiles they paid a lot of money for, but never got.

"3 on Your Side" began investigating Allcare Dental and Dentures, at the beginning of January.

Their offices abruptly closed, leaving patients without their records, or their teeth.

Eyewitness News learned this week that another local dentist was doing all he could to get the records to the rightful owners.

In the process, he took it a step further. Dr. McOmie is now giving Allcare's abandoned patients their teeth back.

The end result is a confident smile.

"You just kind of have to find a dark place, and just pray," say Teresa Millard.

Teresa Millard learned Allcare closed by watching Channel 3 just two days before she was supposed to pick up her teeth.

For weeks Teresa would not smile, much less eat anything solid.

All changed Friday.

Dr. Mark McOmie smiled just as big after he finished taking care of what Allcare didn't.

McOmie found dozens of dentures when he walked through the abandoned Allcare building, just waiting to be picked up. He's been calling the rightful owners ever since.

"You see those things and you think of the individual person. We thought, we have the opportunity to help them out, and to give them their teeth, to make right on what Allcare promised," says Dr. McOmie.

Teresa is just one of more than 20 patients McOmie's Family Dentistry has taken care of.

Like many of the people Allcare left hanging, Teresa was already paying for her teeth, not knowing if she'd ever get them.

"This office has been a god send," says Millard.

And the good news continues, Dr. McOmie said Allcare's president called him and said a lot of the missing dentures are at a lab in Buffalo, New York.

After they're complete, he'll ship them to McOmie's office.

"Hopefully we're going to get them all. I'd love to think we're going to get everybody their teeth that had it done there. Is that realistic? I don't know, but we're going to try, there's more coming," says Dr. McOmie.

As for Teresa and her new set of teeth, she's got one thing on her mind.

"I would like to find some gum that I can chew," says Millard.

If you've called and was told your teeth could not be found, Dr. McOmie will contact you next week following the shipment from the Buffalo lab.

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