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Bradley Central students help others "a world away"

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By David Carroll

CLEVELAND, TN (WRCB)-  Bonnie Cretton's World History students from Bradley have become passionately involved in a non-profit organization called Invisible Children. It's a movement of young people working to end the longest running war in Africa (it has lasted 26 years, with over 30,000 kids ages 5-14 abducted and forced to fight and kill as child soldiers). Invisible Children has a "Schools 4 Schools" program in the fall semester of each school year. High schools and universities from around the U.S. and Canada raise money over a 100 day period for schools in Northern Uganda and Africa that have been devastated by years of war.  

 According to Mrs. Cretton, "The Invisible Children Schools 4 Schools competition has ended and students at Bradley did an incredible job raising a total of $15,404! Out of 1,156 schools from across the United States and Canada, BCHS finished 7th overall."  In addition, the school finished first in its region. This summer, one of the students, yet to be named, will go on an all expenses paid trip to help rebuild Lacor Secondary School with Invisible Children. The school also gets to send 3 students to San Diego to attend the Invisible Children Summer Summit Activist Conference.
   Mrs. Cretton says she's impressed  that "the students at Bradley, despite being on the other side of the world, became so passionate about being a voice for the voiceless in Uganda. There are so many powerful stories that the students could share about how this has impacted their lives. This past semester the students participated in all kinds of fundraising activities, from running a marathon in the middle of the night, to speaking on National Public Radio, putting on an art show, duct-taping teachers to a pole, and many more. They threw their hearts into changing the lives of students in Northern Uganda."
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