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Grundy County Snow Days In The Red

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By Nick Austin
Eyewitness News Reporter

GRUNDY COUNTY, TN (WRCB)--Grundy county schools have been closed the past two days due to Wednesday's snowfall and subsequent icing of roads by Thursday morning.  Schools are now three days "in the hole" since they are only allotted 10 snow days each school year. 

Grundy County Schools Director Joel "Jody" Hargis did not want to take any chances, though, after receiving reports of secondary road conditions.

"We had stretches that were deemed impassable," said Hargis.

One of the three days could be recuperated by exchanging it for one of the scheduled Staff Development days.  Even if that is done, two days will still have to be made up.  That would require students to sit in classes an extra 30 minutes a day for 26 days, a more viable option than cutting into summer vacation or Spring Break.  That had been done prior to implementing a "stockpile" approach snow days.

"We went into June because of the extenuating circumstances because we had to make the days up", explained Hargis.  "There was no stockpile."

The blizzard of March, 1993 forced the change in snow day strategy.  Hargis said because of current pre-set built-in days, longer school hours for a few weeks will probably be the solution to making up for lost time. 

"We want to try to do it during the time of instruction," said Hargis.  Holidays or Saturdays will likely not be interrupted, but the final decision still had to be made.




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