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Many in Bledsoe tired of snow

BLEDSOE COUNTY (WRCB) - When we asked Bledsoe County residents for their thoughts on the latest snowfall, Howard D'Angelo said, "Snow? I'm sick and tired of it."

RaDonna Dyer said, "I'm ready for Spring. I don't like snow I'm from Texas."

Just as Bledsoe County was recovering from one of its heaviest snowfalls on record, Wednesday's chilling winter mix fell early on Wheeler Mountain, Most of it only sticking to the ground and trees.

With an empty barbershop, Howard D'Angelo said, what once was, is no longer the most wonderful time of the year for him.

"We just had 13-14 inches of snow that last one here. We were snowed in for at least a week or longer," D'Angelo said.

Howard said his regular mix of customers was more than likely being cautious of the snow fall.

While many of the county roads remained open, much of the snow painted a pretty picture of white, even freezing a small pond.

Sights like those make Greg Anderson, a little more appreciative of the snow. "Oh I kind of like it. I have gotten used to it."

A county salt truck treated the main roads, as motorists drove with caution around the winding mountain roads.

Business was steady at the "3-Way Stop" on Highway 30.

Radonna Dyer said the drive into work was perfectly clear, but as business picked up, she noticed things changing outside. "When I first came in, we had nothing. Then after I got in, all I saw was white."

While the dig is over, the small accumulation was enough for Anderson to remember to be safe when traveling. He said the last snow taught him a lesson.

Greg Anderson said, "The big one? Yeah I got stuck in that one. I was some place I should not have been, got off the road and had to call people to help pull me out."

A total of 2 inches fell on Wheeler Mountain.

Bledsoe schools remained in session throughout the day and we are told there were minimal problems getting the busses through the secondary road.

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