By Amy Morrow
Eyewitness News Anchor/ Reporter

CATOOSA COUNTY,GA (WRCB) --  A Georgia mother says she flipped when her tax refund was pulled from her account as quick as it was deposited.

Problem is she had already spent the she's facing over draft charges and is looking for answers.

"We were thankful... very much lucky it went through Saturday and we needed to pay bills," says Jennifer Medford.

The very reason Medford and her husband filed their income taxes on line, to get a jump on the refund. With four boys six and under, she says they need every penny they can get.

"That's exactly what the taxes were going to, just being caught up on everything and being paid on bills," says Medford.

Medford says Saturday when her 930 dollar refund hit her bank account, they withdrew 100 bucks, paid some bills, took the boys to dinner and did some shopping all on her debit card.

"This morning when I called I had a negative checking account," says Medford.

So Medford flipped. She ran to a computer to check her account and found that the Georgia Department of Revenue had reversed the refund deposit and the bank had tagged them with fees for non sufficient funds.

"I'm livid, there's no words to describe how mad and frustrating this is," says Medford.

After a long wait on the phone, Medford says the bank directed her toward the Georgia Department of Revenue.

Medford says she was told there was a system error, but what about those fees?

"That's 584 dollars in non sufficient fund fees which, I spent 2 dollars at K-mart, it'll cost me 37," says Medford.

Fees that Medford says she and her family not only can't cover but adds they shouldn't have to fork over that cash.

"That's really gonna hurt us, it's gonna be mostly what they gave us paying back in non sufficient fund charges," says Medford.

The Associated Press is reporting that the Medfords aren't alone and that Georgia Department Of Revenue says they did have a problem, they expect the refunds will be put back into the accounts in a week.