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UPDATE 3: Bomb Squad removing explosives from a house in Harrison

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By WRCB staff

Harrison, Hamilton County, TN (WRCB) --A scare for a Harrison neighborhood, when the bomb squad responds to a call and neighbors are speculating about what could be inside a house that's been empty for years.

"Cop cars were everywhere, cops, and roping the place with crime scene tape," says neighbor Maria Foreman.

Foreman says she was fielding phone calls from neighbors, some thought the attention was on her house but it was next door.

"It's an empty house…something's going on," says Foreman.

"I think we were outside safe zone before we realized it was dangerous at first we were like we'll wait until tomorrow," says home owner Sheri Yoder.

Warren and Sheri Yoder recently bought the house on Knollcrest Drive off Highway 58, they were here cleaning and painting.

"He pulled out a had grenades maybe call someone who knows," says Sheri Yoder, "he mentioned grenades, c4.. It was scary."

What ever it was, it was collected and whisked away by the bomb squad. The Yoders say investigators told them it was ether that it had been there from some time and had been leaking.

"They told us it was enough to blow up the house, but that was not enough to evacuate the neighborhood," says  Sheri Yoder.

The Foreman family was on standby.

"I feel better now that it's all over," says Foreman.

Foreman says her elderly neighbor passed a way a few years ago and she thought someone who lived there had a military background.

"The bomb squad said it's quite a few calls they get where older people have saved things from war time not realizing it's dangerous," says Sheri Yoder.

The Yoder's didn't either at first but now say they'll have a sharper eye during renovations.

"We've fixed up houses for ourselves, but this is the 1st rental... Don't know if it's a good sign or not," says Warren Yoder.

Hamilton County Deputies responded and called the Chattanooga Bomb Squad. Detectives say they found smoke grenades and another chemical.

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