Story by Antwan Harris
Eyewitness News Reporter

CLEVELAND, TN (WRCB) -- Diane Fox, thankful and happy to be alive shakes hands with the paramedics that saved her life last November.

While talking with a police officer, she collapsed in her driveway.

The officer on the scene says she wasn't breathing.

That's when her neighbor started CPR.

Disa Snapp said, "All I was thinking was getting her to breathe and I didn't want her to die. Luckily I know CPR."

And that's what helped EMT's save her life.

They shocked her heart twice, but it wasn't until the third shock were they able to get a faint pulse.

Eric Johnson says it didn't look good for Diane at first.

"Her condition was not very favorable."

Eric Blatch said, "It is a phenomenal feeling and something we don't experience often enough."

Diane's name was added to the plaque of second chance survivors as she listened to stories of that day.

She says she hopes to live the rest of her life for her family, and to be a better person.

She says it's not everyday you meet real heroes.

Diane Fox said, "If it wasn't for the lord and our ambulance service, I would not be sitting here today."

Diane was added to the "Second Chance at Life" plaque something Bradley County has been doing since 1986.

So far 72 names have been added to that plaque.