By Paul Shahen
Eyewitness News Reporter

SODDY-DAISY, HAMILTON COUNTY, TN (WRCB) -- A possible drunk driver led police on a chase up a dead end.   The cops stopped but the suspect didn't stop until he hit a house.

One day after the chaos, the homeowners were still in shock. Such a quiet neighborhood turned upside down in the matter of seconds. The driver still on the run, and a family left feeling blessed.

"Because my husband didn't get shot last night, because my son didn't want to go to bed, so he was up and not in his bedroom last night," said homeowner April Custer.

Blessed because little Jack's bedroom sits within five feet of where the criminal crashed and fled the stolen car.

The sirens and lights of several Sodd-Daisy cruisers trailed the suspect up Short Leaf Lane, a dead end. Custer's husband ran to the porch and saw they were running out of room.

"He slammed the door, ran back and said get Jack and get back," says Custer.

Custer and her son, Jack, hid in a closet until all was clear. The suspect fled on foot, and the pursuit was on.

Words couldn't exactly explain how what was going through Custer's mind during all of this.

"Just the, would have, the could have, that's the worst of it," said Custer.

Thankfully though, the worst was over. Only the yard and porch were damaged. Now the Custer family is left wondering why.

"I just hope they catch him, and go to trial. I'll sit there, stare at the man, and try to figure him out," says Custer.

Police are still searching for him. Another car was stolen in the area, police found that wrecked at the site where yet another car was stolen.

That's three stolen cars in one night, and police suspect they're all connected. If you know anything please call Crime Stoppers, 698-3333.