CHATTANOOOGA (WRCB) - The suicide rate in the ranks of the nation's "citizen soldiers" continues climbing.

Army officials say among the Army National Guard and Army Reserve, the rate of suicide last year was twice as high as 2009.

The biggest increase involved soldiers who were not on active duty at the time.

Military officials say they will now put a big emphasis on suicide training and also educate family members.

"We've got to reduce the stigma in that family member that says if I see my son/daughter/husband/wife doing something that's high risk, doing something I think is dangerous, may endanger themselves. It's ok for me to call their commander or First Sergeant or somebody in that unit and say I need some help," says Lieutenant General Jack Stultz, Chief of the Army Reserve.

Meanwhile, suicide numbers are dropping for active duty soldiers.

Officials say the 2010 decrease is the first after five years of record increases.