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3 ON YOUR SIDE: Elderly targeted by scam

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ETOWAH, McMINN COUNTY (WRCB) - If checks show up in your mailbox, Etowah Police urge you not to cash it, because it's most likely a scam.

Detective Larry Moses says three people in the last month have been scammed out of nearly $13,000; All elderly victims.

One woman was contacted by someone saying her son was in trouble in Spain.

She fell for it because her son does travel.

Detective Moses said, "Before she could check to see if her son was ok, she sent $1,800 via Western Union."

Police traced that number to a city in Jamaica.

Another man was bilked out of nearly $8,000 after receiving a phone call from overseas asking for money, once again, through western union.

Det Moses said, "The scam was if you send $1000 dollars, I'll send you $100,000 dollars back. If you send X amount I'll send you X amount back."

Moses says a third victim, was called from a Jamaican number and promised a car.

He says the scammers described her house using Google Maps leading her to believe they had been by the home to deliver a car.

She sent money to pay for the "delivery fee."

Once she came forward, he knew this was a growing problem.

Now he is issuing a warning to anyone getting suspicious checks, emails, or phone calls to use caution.

"If you are uncomfortable hang it up and if they are asking you, never, ever send money to someone you don't know," Moses said.

Most, if not all, of the victims of these type of scams are elderly, some with medical conditions or hearing problems. Where the scammer usually picks up information through casual conversation.

If you receive a suspicious call police say write down the number, they can trace it.

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