Story by Antwan Harris
Eyewitness News Reporter

CHATTANOOGA (WRCB)-- The winter break didn't stop vandals from hitting a Chattanooga business.

Graffiti, broken windows, and property damage to name a few.

The worst part, the business isn't open yet.

Ken Jones says he wants to take steps to make the neighborhood look better and says this is only a step back.

He hopes in the meantime, police catch the vandals.

A cracked window, dents in the fence, graffiti on the side of the building.

Kenneth Jones' 423 Cuts Barbershop on Dodson Avenue isn't shaping up to what he hoped for.

It's the second time it's happened in weeks.

As the business sets to open, he says someone needs to pay for vandalizing his shop.

"I guess it is just whatever gang is in this neighborhood and they come by and just spray up my building and my neighbors building," says Jones.

He wasn't the only victim.

Across the street, some graffiti is still visible on the door.

This business owner cleaned up his store front over the weekend.

Jones says he is hoping to change the neighborhood's image.

"I'm just trying to open up here and make it look better and this just makes it worse," says Jones.

Jones grew up in the neighborhood, but says this isn't how he remembers it.

Several homes are spray painted, something he says was never a problem growing up.

"We didn't do anything like this, we had something to do," says Jones.

Police say gang activity in the area has been consistent, and the vandals have been teenagers on winter break.

Right now Jones will have to replace a window and parts of his fence down the street.

It's expenses he says he doesn't need as he tries to get his new business up and running.

"I hope they catch them and give them something to do. At least it stops them from spraying up everything and it just makes it look very bad," says Jones.

Jones plans to open later this month

Police don't have any suspects as of now and need your help finding who's responsible.

If you have any information, call Crime Stoppers.