NASHVILLE, TN. (WRCB)-- New Governor Bill Haslam spent his first full day in office signing his first executive order and welcoming Tennesseans to the Governor's Mansion.

Haslam signed an order that eliminates a requirement for the governor and top aides to disclose how much they earn, or how much they pay in taxes.

"Government works better when people have input into the process, you are open to alternatives and examine them, and then you explain why the decision was made," Gov. Haslam said. "The rule should be the more you can be in the open, the better."

They will, however, have to show their sources of income.

Here are the Executive Orders:

Executive Order No. 2011-01 requires every employee of the Executive Branch to annually disclose the same information as the legislative branch. The Counsel to the Governor will serve as the chief ethics officer and will administer the policies and maintain all records related to the ethics policy.

Executive Order No. 2011-02 sets out the unwavering policy of the Executive Branch to facilitate the right of Tennesseans to know and have access to information with which to hold state government accountable. Extensive training is required for all members and employees of the Cabinet and Departments of the Executive Branch relating to open meetings, open records, ethics and disclosure requirements. The order also maintains the state's open government website.

Executive Order No. 2011-03 prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, gender, color, national origin, religion, age, and political affiliation or against otherwise qualified individuals with disabilities.  The Commissioner of Economic and Community Development also is directed to inform and instruct all companies considering Tennessee as a business location that the prevailing policy of non-discrimination must be reflected in their employment practices and workforces in Tennessee.