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Inbox Empty: Winter weather delays mail delivery

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Story by Antwan Harris
Eyewitness News Reporter

CHATTANOOGA (WRCB)-- Some of you have been without mail service for nearly a week.

Channel 3 wondered what happened to that postmaster's creed, the part about "neither rain nor snow nor dead of night."

The response is simply put: the post office can't handle the icy roads.

Many homeowners are just getting mail Friday.

For postal workers, this week has been one of the most hectic on record.

"This has been a really challenging week," says Judy Mahaffey.

Try telling that to Lookout Mountain residents, who are frustrated they haven't received mail in a week.

"We can't understand why we aren't getting mail if we and several other people can drive up here," says Diane Camp.

Diane Camp drives from Trenton to work as a caretaker on Lookout Mountain and her patient's mail didn't come through until Friday.

"We are asking carriers to attempt every street, and we have got to most of them, but there are some with steep grade and ditches on the side of the road that is very deep," says Mahaffey.

Which is why mail delivery isn't promised.

Some neighborhoods on Lookout Mountain still resemble day one of the snow fall.

Our camera found a postal worker making rounds Friday afternoon, as some roads were starting to clear.

But the icy conditions still pose a threat for mail trucks.

The post office says they can't deliver mail because the trucks just aren't equipped for icy roads. Though one truck has wires on the tires, the other problem is injuries.

"We have had broken bones, head injuries," says Mahaffey. "So it has been a really tough week."

But Camp isn't buying that excuse.

She says if she can make it the mountain in her car, anyone should be able to.

"It's still no rhyme or reason why Trenton can get mail and we can't," says Camp.

A post office spokesperson says they hope to reach every area Saturday.

Hill City says about 8% of its customers won't get mail.

Red Bank is on a box-by-box basis.

Hixson said they hoped to have all mail out Friday, if not by Saturday.

If you don't receive mail, you are urged to call your local post office.

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