CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - While churches and schools are working hard to reopen their doors after the storm, Downtown businesses have been working hard to keep them open.

Because, as Eyewitness News reporter Paul Shahen found out, it takes more than a day to make up for one lost business day.

We spoke with several owners Friday on the North Shore and Downtown side of Market Street.

They say they were doing all they could not to close.

"It would kill me, I can't afford to close for three days," Dennis Plumlee closed the friendly doors of the North Chatt Cat during the Christmas storm for a few days. He's just beginning to recover financially.

This time around he kept them open and the results paid off.

"People get stir crazy, they'll walk. Like I said, I'm closed on Monday, but I opened for the snow and it rocked.  It was the best thing that happened to us. I wish it would snow every day," Plumlee says.

Just around the corner in Coolidge Park, Bruce Weiss closed River Street Deli Monday. He reopened Tuesday, but says a storm like this hurts income even when he's open, because business is slow.

"You take a hit, so for two snow days, open or closed, it's the vital income of your cash flow that you're missing for being closed," Weiss said.

Downtown it was much of the same.  Sing It or Wing It was packed, mostly with people that braved the snow and cold to walk to the restaurant.  

Across the street, Raw closed for two days. The owner there said it hurts, but not nearly as bad if they closed on a weekend.

The Chattanooga business owners we spoke with aren't new to setbacks beyond their control, they say the only thing left to do now, is move on.

"A storm like this comes what, once every 15 years. What are you gonna do? Just go with the flow of it," Weiss adds.