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Allcare victim will get new dentures after all

Story by Melydia Clewell
Special Assignments Reporter

CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) -- Good news for a man who fell victim to AllCare Dental. Last week, we introduced you to Bobby Shubert. He's fighting cancer, and wanted a set of teeth for Christmas so he can enjoy solid food. Bobby and his wife, Patricia, took out a loan to purchase dentures from AllCare. But when he showed up for his appointment, the door was locked.

"Well, when I went to AllCare and saw the sign and everything (and had) paid all that heart just fell," Shubert told Eyewitness News.

AllCare offices nationwide abruptly closed at the end of the year, including the one on Shallowford Road, leaving many patients without services for which they'd already paid.

Shubert called Channel 3 trying to find help.

Rogers Dental Lab in Athens, Tennessee saw our story and stepped in to make sure Shubert gets dentures. They called Cleveland dentist Jeffrey Carson, who agreed to help.

"It's not right and we can help make it right for them and give them a better life in the process. What better gift can you give?" asks Dr. Carson.

Today, Shubert was in the dentist's chair as Dr. Carson's staff spent the morning taking impressions so molds can be made to create dentures.

He says he knew God would take care of him. "I'm telling ya, it makes you feel great inside and it makes your heart warm to know there's good people out here."

It won't be long before Shubert is enjoying his favorite foods again. First on the menu?

"I'm gonna get a 10 pound bag of cashews and eat em!"

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