CHATTANOOGA (WRCB)-- The cost for clearing roadways made impassable by the recent winter weather has surpassed $200,000. 

Considerable progress has been made in neighborhoods and subdivisions throughout the city.  Temperatures fell into the teens overnight refreezing shush remaining on some roads.  The national weather service is predicting a low of 13 degrees Thursday night. Refreezing is expected.  Please use extreme caution if driving.  Temperatures are expected to be above freezing Friday, which will expedite thawing.

As of noon Thursday, City of Chattanooga Public Works employees have applied: 84,450 gallons of brine at a cost of $17,256.64;  2842 tons of salt and sand at a cost of $141,086.23 (1:3 salt-to-sand ratio); and crews (responding to the current weather event) have worked 2,107.5 hours of overtime at a cost of $50,959.30. 

Crews have been working 24 hours per day in 12 hour  shifts since  6:00 p.m., Sunday, January 9.

The City's 3-1-1 system has responded to over 1,700 calls since Sunday relating to the snow event.