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Making House Calls On Snow Covered Roads

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By Amy Morrow

Eyewitness News Anchor/Reporter

CATOOSA COUNTY, GA (WRCB) - The weather has made it almost impossible for some to travel.  That means a rough road for those who are waiting on house calls.  We caught up with a nurse who works for Hospice of Chattanooga.   Deplores Long was checking on David White's mother.  Long is on call, covering for a nurse who is snowed in at home.

Hospice nurses weren't able to travel Monday or Tuesday.  They answered calls from family members and advised them over the phone. Long says they were swamped.

Deplores Long, Hospice nurse says, "This is the first time in 9 years, we've been this home bound , not just us at night, but the day shift

David White says, " In this situation, you're thankful for all the help you can get."

Hospice of Chattanooga is 30 years old.  They say the last time nurses weren't able to make house calls, was during the blizzard of 1993.

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