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UPDATE: Children home when Meigs County man killed

GEORGETOWN, MEIGS COUNTY (WRCB) – Vernon Segar thought it would be highly unlikely that a shooting could happen so close to his house.

Just before 10 A.M. police received a call from the shooter, Dee Dee Neely, who told police she shot her boyfriend, Brian Cofer, after an argument.

Right now the Meigs County Sheriff's Office is trying to determine if it was self defense or not.

Sheriff Jackie Melton said, "It will take a lot of investigating and communication and we have to process the scene until we get this story straight."

Crime scene investigators and the Tennessee Bureau of Investigations scouted the home off State Highway 58 looking for clues and answers to piece together why the cofer was shot.

Deputies say a teenager family member and child was present in the home at the time of the shooting.

Segar says it bothers him that violence like this happens with kids in the house.

He says he is cautious when it comes to his daughter.

Segar said, "We are overprotective as it is you know. I worry about that all the time, like someone just walking up to the fence and snatching her while we are in the house."

Sheriff Melton says his investigators will continue to push for answers until they have their suspect in custody and charges brought against the right person.

Sheriff Melton said, "It is still early, but hopefully we can bring justice to the victims family."



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