by: Dalton Police Department

(Media Release)


Old Man Winter scored an assist early Monday morning after Dalton Police officers found men who broke into a liquor store by following footprints left in the snow.  Sebastian Alexander Love, 19, of 1424 Burgess Drive was arrested and charged with burglary, theft by taking, and criminal damage to property. Adrian Lynn Estrada, 19, of 1320 Murray Avenue was also arrested and charged burglary, theft by taking, criminal damage to property and obstruction of law enforcement officers. 


The incident happened shortly before 4 am when officers from the Dalton Police Department responded to a burglary alarm at Cox's Liquor store at 1301 East Walnut Avenue.  When they arrived, they found that glass had been broken out of the store's front door.  It didn't appear that the cash register had been disturbed, but a display with liquor bottles was knocked over.  Officers also found footprints in the snow leading around to the back of the store and then off into a gap in the tree line behind the store.  The footprints led to the Murray Avenue Apartments (1320 Murray Avenue).  Officers followed the footprints up to the front door of one of the apartments and knocked on the door.  Officers found Sebastian Love with a backpack containing five bottles of liquor which matched bottles missing from Cox's Liquor.  Love and Estrada were arrested and charged in connection with the burglary, and Estrada was also charged with obstruction of law enforcement officers.