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Winter weather expected to impact flight plans

UPDATED: 01-10-11 2:01pm

CHATTANOOGA (WRCB)-- The Chattanooga Airport is open at this hour, with snow removal crews working since 1 am to ensure the primary runway and taxiway, as well as ramp areas, are plowed for aircraft.

Most of the arriving and departing flights have been canceled for the day, however, Delta, US Airways, and Allegiant have each operated at least one flight out of the city.

Many passengers scheduled to fly Monday proactively rebooked their flights, departing Sunday or changing their schedule to later this week.

We continue to strongly encourage passengers scheduled to travel over the next few days to check with their airlines before coming to the airport to ensure that their flights are operating on schedule.

Crews will continue working on the grounds and I will update you if conditions change. 

CHATTANOOGA (WRCB)-- Due to the possibility of winter weather, travel plans could be affected.

Christina Siebold, spokesperson for the Chattanooga Metro Airport, says all of the airport's major carriers: American, Delta and U.S. Airways are encouraging people planning to travel on Monday to change their tickets. 

Siebold says they anticipate travel challenges and delays.  Each airline is giving passengers a different window of time to change their flights. 

They're also waving cancellation fees. 

As a rule, the airport doesn't close. However, the FAA will determine if conditions are safe enough for travel. 

Passengers should check on their flights before arriving at the airport. 

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