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VW Unveiling: Greg Glover from Detroit

Greg Glover and Photojournalist Chris Bryant Greg Glover and Photojournalist Chris Bryant

Story by Greg Glover
Eyewitness News Anchor

DETROIT, Mich. (WRCB) - Photojournalist Chris Bryant and I left the Chattanooga Metro Airport in the darkness of the 6:00 hour Sunday morning.

On our flight were lots of the folks who brought Volkswagen to Chattanooga: Hamilton County Mayor Claude Ramsey, Chattanooga Mayor Ron Littlefield and Trevor Hamilton from the Chamber of Commerce, to name a few.

They are all admittedly excited, but in the airplane there was only silence as we were in the air before sunrise.

We got into the COBO Center around 10:30. We were welcomed by the incessant thumping of techno music from every automaker's plot.  The North American International Auto Show is a huge deal for the Motor City and the global auto making industry. They have brought all of their best, brightest, fanciest and newest makes and models. Workers are dusting and polishing, crews are focusing lights and everywhere video screens are running with lights and graphics and logos.

On the Volkswagen end of the center, a large, black curtain hangs.  Men in Event Crew jackets stand and eye anyone who tries to get in without the proper pass.  Workers who are building the sets and riggings are forbidden to talk to us of what they know or what they have seen on the other side.  Cowboys on horses wait for their dress rehearsal in the hallway.  Might this be a clue to what they have named the New Midsize Sedan?  We will find out for sure tonight. 

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