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4 break-ins for Brainerd High over the holidays

Story by Antwan Harris
Eyewitness News Reporter

HAMILTON COUNTY, TN. (WRCB)-- The Hamilton County school system is likely out thousands of dollars, following a rash of burglaries.

Over the holidays, Brainerd High School was broken into four times.

The suspects took televisions and laptops.

It's the most recent of other burglaries over the past few months.

Last year, Howard High School was broken into at least three times.

In November, vandals hit Hunter Middle School and Smith Elementary, causing thousands of dollars in damage.

This makes almost to ten break-ins in the last several months and the school system is in the process of determining which schools need what type of security.

In the mean time, Brainerd's principal is appalled by what happened.

"We have cameras and they are in the hallways. Well, they aren't coming in the hallways," says Principal Charles Joynes.

That's right, thieves are breaking in through windows.

Brainerd High School was the victim of four break-ins over Christmas break.

The thieves took six 32-inch televisions, two laptops and a desk top computer.

Principal Charles Joynes took us inside the art room.

You could see empty brackets are on the wall where one of the TVs used to hang.

"The sad thing is, it will be very difficult to recover that material," says Principal Joynes. "It may take years to replace everything that was stolen."

Eyewitness News was told an area outside the building is where many of the break-ins happen, mainly due to the lack of lighting and security cameras.

There are cameras mounted on the perimeter of the school, and after the thefts, Joynes pushed to have sensors installed in the classrooms.

He says the trouble now will be finding about $8,000 to replace everything.

"We have to replace the windows as well as some of the classrooms they got into because of the alarm," says Joynes. "We have to replace the windows and the stuff that was stolen and the things that were stepped on and broken in the classroom."

Joynes says he will push for more security at the school.

In the meantime, students will now have to do without, something he says only hurts their educations.

Police say the serial numbers from the TVs and computers are registered and this should help lead them to the merchandise if it's sold.

Right now there are no suspects, but call Crime Stoppers if you know anything.

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