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Crime Stoppers : Stolen trucks from car dealership

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By Amy Morrow
Eyewitness News Reporter

CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) -- Chattanooga Police are trying to track down a couple of thieves who were stealing thousands in trucks from a car dealership, while many were enjoying a white Christmas at home.

"They knew what they were doing, not questions at all... they know what they were doing and what they were after," says Marshal Mize General Manager, Todd Dyer.

What they were after were two Ford pick up trucks, boasting a lot of ooomph. An F-250 and F-350 dually. Police say they're looking for at least two suspects, maybe more.

 They started by cutting through the fence on the back lot of Marshall Mize Ford on Highway 153.

"They cut the fence, used one SUV to knock down the posts and when they were stuck they used another SUV to take down the rest of the posts," says Dyer.

Then made their way to the trucks.

"There were good at what they did and know how to get the lock box off the vehicles," says Dyer.

They managed to slither around surveillance cameras on nearby buildings and time the dirty deed around the eyes of security guards.

"They are always either here on the premises or coming by but they obviously knew the schedule and pattern," says Dyer.

Dyer says the dealership is out 100 thousand bucks and the trouble of repairing the mess the thieves left behind.

"Deal with it all week the fence, repairing the post, two vehicles missing and one totaled. It's a lot to work through," says Dyer.

Dyer and Police are hoping you might've seen something that night or if you've spotted these trucks since, you'll pick up the phone.

"This isn't anything that helps anybody in the market place;, thieves they effect every way shape and fashion not just us," says Dyer.

If you saw anything that night, or have seen someone driving one of those trucks.

Call Crime Stoppers at 698—3333, you could get a cash reward and as always, it's a confidential call.

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