DECATUR, UNION COUNTY, GA (WRCB/AP) – The brother of a woman who went missing more than a year ago discovered her remains over the weekend in North Georgia.

Kristi Cornwell was 38 when she disappeared near her parents' home in Blairsville.

The remains were found just nine miles from where Cornwell was last seen.

Georgia Bureau of Investigation Director Vernon Keenan said Monday that Cornwell's brother found the remains Saturday at a wooded spot that investigators told him they planned to search this month. The body had been burned, and the cause of death wasn't clear.

Keenan said cell phone records show that the primary suspect was in that wooded area the night that Cornwell disappeared. James Scott Carringer later killed himself during a standoff with police.

Cornwell, a Blairsville resident, disappeared in August 2009. Her family set up a website with details.

Cornwell was on her cell phone with her boyfriend on Aug. 11, 2009 when he overheard a struggle after she told him she thought a car was following her. Cornwell is the mother of a teenage son and formerly worked as a probation officer.