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GBI investigating suspected explosive found in Rossville

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Story by Megan Boatwright
Eyewitness News Reporter

ROSSVILLE, GA. (WRCB) --  A North Georgia woman tells Channel 3 she called 911 when she found a what she believed to be a grenade in her mother's Rossville home.  

Eyewitness News was on the scene Saturday night after the call came in, shortly after officials searched the home off Mission Ridge Rd.  We are told by family members the possible explosive allegedly belongs to 55-year-old Larry Wilson.

Channel 3 talked to Wilson's sister.  The woman didn't want to be identified, saying this situation is very embarrassing for her family.

She was cleaning out her brother's room when she found something strange. 

"He's always had a fascination with the military," she says.  Wilson's sister didn't want to be identified, but Eyewitness News what she found while packing up her brother's room shocked and scared her.

"I reached over into a bookcase, picked it up and looked at it," she says.  "I realized what it was, put it down immediately and called the Walker County Sheriff's Office." 

What she found looked a lot like a hand grenade on 55-year-old Larry Wilson's bookshelf.  Saturday night, shortly after investigating the home a GBI bomb technician gave Wilson's sister and mother the green light to go back inside.  Wilson wasn't there. 

"I'm here to pack up his possessions, she's evicting him due to the incident two weeks ago," the woman says referring to an incident between Wilson and her mother. 

According to the Walker County Sheriff's Office Wilson is in jail, arrested December 19th for assaulting his mother.  He's lived with her for many years, but won't be anymore.

Walker County Sheriff Steve Wilson says officials aren't sure if they found a live explosive in the Georgia home. GBI investigators are testing it to determine if it is an actual explosive or simply a practice grenade.

"The whole thing is very embarrassing," says Wilson's sister.  "I slept in that bedroom Christmas weekend, it was very scary." 

As we said earlier authorities still don't know if what they found is an actual explosive.  Until that is determined Wilson will not face charges.

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