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More abuse? Health aide faced charges involving his own children

By Gordon Boyd
Eyewitness News Reporter

ROSSVILLE, WALKER COUNTY, GA (WRCB) -- Eight days after her elderly husband's home health aide was charged with sexually assaulting him, Gladys Wilkinson is trying not to second-guess herself

"I just should have picked up on some things that I didn't pick up on," she says, "He was very smart."

Mrs. Wilkinson says the caregiver, Tom Franklin Scroggins, treated her family as if she and they were his own; so much so that the charges against him go beyond betrayal.

"He didn't say there was any issues," she recalls. "One time, he said his son was mad at him. A few things he said made me think he did have a temper."

A Catoosa County, Georgia Sheriff's deputy's report alleges Scroggins lost his temper in a domestic incident at a home in Ringgold January 13, 2009.

Scroggins was charged with battery of his 11-year-old son and older step-daughter.

"(Scroggins) got upset when the victims would not return his phone," the report reads. "(He) grabbed his daughters ear and pulled on it....pushed (his son) down and placed his knee...putting pressure on his son's groin."

Scroggins was employed as a home aide with ResCare Inc. at the time that police allege he sodomized patient Doyle 'Bud' Wilkinson.  Wilkinson suffers from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Alzheimer's, according to his wife.  Scroggins was arrested after Wilkinson's wife turned over a video, shot via hidden camera, that purports to show Scroggins sodomizing Wilkinson.

Rossville Det. Dave Scroggins (no relation) says it's unlikely that ResCare or Tom Scroggins' full-time employer, Hutcheson Medical Center of Fort Oglethorpe, would have uncovered the Ringgold arrest during routine background checks.

Eyewitness News visited Scroggin's Ringgold address Wednesday afternoon. The woman who answered the door declined to be interviewed, but she identified herself as Scroggins' former mother-in-law, and maintained that her daughter had divorced Scroggins 'some time ago.'

Rossville Detectives and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation have determined that Scroggins cared for at least 5 disabled patients besides Bud Wilkinson. Investigators began interviewing those patients Wednesday.

"I wouldn't want them to suffer, the way our family has suffered," says Wilkinson's daughter, Lisa Pursley.

Her mother considers Scroggins' wife and children victims as well.

"I care for his family," Gladys Wilkinson says. "I hope and prayed the Lord will be with them because I know it's hard on them."


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