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TDOT restocks for next event

by Nick Austin
Eyewitness News

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB-TV)--Now that brining, salting, and sanding roads in the Scenic City is just a memory left over from the historic Christmas day snow storm, employees at the Chattanooga Public Works Department had a new task at hand Wednesday.  Replenishing their supplies became the top priority.

According to Rick Colston, Manager of Street Maintenance for the Chattanooga Public Works Department, 945 tons of salt and sand were used to treat city streets and bridges once the snow began to fall.  Around half that weight was the sand alone.  It all was restocked to prepare for winter's next punch.

"This is just getting everything back to where we normally have it," said Colston.

He required double the crew size to spread the materials throughout the weekend.  From noon Christmas eve to around noon Monday workers logged 765 hours of labor.  Colston hated to take his employees away from their families on a holiday, but said the timing of the storm made it a bit easier to do their jobs.

"When something hits in the middle of the night, at least we don't have to deal with as much traffic and we have the roads clear and hopefully we can get everything cleared up and everything flowing," explained Colston.

Colston said even after the $54,000 expenditure for the salt and sand, the $1400 for the brine, and extra pay for overtime the Public Works Department budget was not depleted by the larger than average snowfall.  What he couldn't say was weather or not their bank account would survive several more storms like the one Christmas day.  He hopes any future snows this season will pale in comparison.

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