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CPD officers park cars in protest

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CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - Some Chattanooga Police officers are parking their cars, in protest of a new take-home car fee.

The city will start charging between 20 and 30-cents per mile for officers who take their cars home.

Our partners at the Times Free Press are reporting 75 percent of the officers who kept their cars at home have decided to opt out of the program.

Police groups guesstimate that keeping a take-home car will cost the average officer $75 to $200 a month.

They could have to pay $25 more if they moonlight.

"That's not the total cost of operating that car for an officer to use it to go back and forth to work in," says Richard Beeland, spokesperson for the Chattanooga Mayor.

Beeland says gas and wear and tear would cost you three times more than the 20 to 30 cents an officer will pay for a similar sized car.

Now, the city must find a way to park more than 300 police cars and personal vehicles on city property.

The estimates charging for off-duty mileage will save the city nearly $600,000 each year.

The mayor's spokesman says 58% of Chattanooga officers live outside city limits.

City Hall will reevaluate charging for take-home cars if stats show it's hurting "crime fighting".

The Police Benevolent Association says it'll have a "major presence" at city council's next meeting.

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