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UPDATED: Bystander saves garbage truck driver

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EAST RIDGE, Tenn. (WRCB-TV) -  We sat down with Jerry Ensley on Monday evening.  "The main thing is, you're supposed to help your fellow man," he told us.  "Just like the Bible says."  That day, he had given those words from the Good Book some bite.

A garbage truck had come down his street near Camp Jordan around lunchtime.  With Christmas behind him, Ensley took another few bags of trash to the curb.  Sanitation worker George Scarborough was becoming tangled.  His leg was stuck in the compactor on his truck.  "I seen him," remembered Ensley, "but it was like he was just sinking down in the truck and I kept going, I was hollering, 'George! George! George!'  And he was screaming, 'God! Oh, God! Oh, God!'  And he said, 'Shut it off, shut it off!'  It almost just seemed like it was sucking him down like a vacuum and it was so quick, it just scared me, too."

But, you would never know it as Ensley sprang to turn off the ignition, just in the nick of time. Scarborough did not suffer serious injuries.

How does Ensley feel about the label 'hero?'  "No, no, no, no," he said.  "I just think it was God's will that I was there at the time I was there....the main thing is George was okay."

We received a note Monday evening from East Ridge Safety Chief Eddie Phillips expressing the city's thanks to Jerry Ensley for his quick and decisive action in this emergency.

Ensley says, he knows economic times are tough, but believes this incident makes the case for having two workers on each truck, all the time.  "What if I wouldn't have been there," he ponders, "and nobody would have heard him?  I mean, it could have took his leg off, he could've bled out, I mean, there's, you know, a lot of scenarios, but fortunately I was there."   

An investigation into the accident continues.

By: Greg Glover

EAST RIDGE, HAMILTON COUNTY (WRCB) – A garbage truck operator was saved from serious injury by someone on his route.

According to East Ridge officials, the driver, George Scarborough, was trying to clear a jam in the compactor when his leg became entangled in the debris.

The incident happed on Camp Jordan road, near the entrance to the park.

Neighbor Jerry Ensley heard Scarborough's yelling for help and rushed to the driver's aid and turned off the compactor.

East Ridge Police and Fire crews were able to pull the driver from the truck.

The garbage truck driver escaped life-threatening injury thanks to the quick action of the bystander.

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