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Object tossed again from McMinn overpass

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Story by Antwan Harris
Eyewitness News Reporter

MCMINN COUNTY, TN (WRCB) -- McMinn County deputies are searching high and low for a mailbox throwing prankster.

The latest mishap happened Wednesday morning. Sheriff Joe Guy said someone threw a mailbox onto Interstate 75 at mile marker 53 hitting the roof of a tractor trailer.

The sheriff said to whomever the joker is, his department will get the last laugh.

Guy said, "It's people making bad decisions. It is people who don't care about the safety of other traveling on the roads. It is people who are just looking for exposure."

This is the third incident in six months in McMinn County involving someone throwing things over the overpass, the second time with a mailbox.

About a month ago, someone dropped a motor from an overpass, hitting a Lee University bus carrying members of the singing group, Voices of Lee.

Sheriff Guy said with thousands of travelers expected on the roads this time of year, it's could be a potential deadly situation, especially when the object hits the car traveling 70 miles per hour.

Guy said, "There is nothing about this that is a prank, it is purely malicious. When a vehicle is traveling at 70 mph, anything that hits it, does so at 70 mph."

What's promising, is detectives lifted fingerprints from the mailbox and tire tracks from the scene.

The sheriff says hopefully community help, along with a little reward money, will drive them to the right suspect.

Guy said, "It's one thing to have the police after you. It's another thing to have the entire community after you, so that helps you a lot and gives people a little more incentive to come forward and tell the things they know."

The sheriff's office is putting up a $13,500 reward..

Call Crime Stoppers if you know anything 698-3333.

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