Eton, GA (WRCB) -- Whitfield County deputies arrested 25-year-old Erica Griffin, a teacher at Mountain Creek Academy in Murray County, after someone spotted her with a group of people, possibly students, smoking marijuana.

On a 9-1-1 call, the caller said, "I was out here checking on some people and there are 4 or 5 males in the car with a young girl and a strong smell of marijuana."

The group ran once deputies arrived, and after they searched Griffin's car, police found a small bag of cocaine along with more marijuana.

Mountain Creek Academy is a school for troubled teens and Nikki Southern, a school teacher in Murray county, said it's disappointing this happened.

She said it sets a bad example for teachers and students at the school.

Southern said, "Those kids need more help. That is the reason why they are there, because they could get more help there than in a public school. They need someone that can give them special attention, because that is what those kids are crying out for."

In a email, Murray County School board member Josh Young said "Unfortunately, it involved an employee in our school system. I am sure this person has learned a lesson from the mistakes made and we all can learn an equally valuable lesson from it."

Susie Phillips, the mother of a teacher, said it's too much pressure for educators to "fit in" with students.

Phillips said, "There are a lot of young teachers with a lot of young kids and they think they can do what the others are doing, but it's not, it should be frowned upon."

Griffin is facing drug charges and is out of jail on a $3,000 bond.

She has since turned in her resignation