ROSSVILLE, Ga. (WRCB-TV) - Bud Wilkerson returned home Wednesday night after being checked out at a hospital.  His home healthcare worker has been arrested for sexual abuse.

A dedicated public servant, 83-year old Wilkerson is a decorated Korean War vet and was a Rossville firefighter for more than 20 years.  He now suffers dementia and is confined to his bed at home.  His son, Dimmy, installed a "nanny-cam" to record sessions with healthcare worker Thomas Scroggins to ease his mother's mind.  She had reason to be suspicious.  "Basically, it started with some bruising," explained Dimmy, "and my mom was concerned."

What the surveillance reportedly revealed was shocking abuse at the hands of his caregiver.  Scroggins is charged with aggravated sodomy and aggravated sexual battery.  "My immediate reaction was, I was totally speechless," said Dimmy.  "I couldn't talk.  What do you do when you find out somebody's done something that bad to somebody you love?"

As of Wednesday night, Scroggins was being held in the Walker County Jail without bond.

In their grief, the Wilkersons worry about other victims.  "There's people out there that this guy has cared for," the son said, "and our hearts are really afraid for those folks."

In this season of joy, this family is rocked to its very core. Their message to others: Do everything you can to check-out those to whom you trust your family's care.  Dimmy advised, "If they have a problem with being checked out or being questioned or being in front of a camera or being filmed when they're doing their job, then they don't need to be doing the job."

But, perhaps most importantly, "Just love your family," he added.  "Don't take their well-being and their safety for granted.  You gotta take care of them."


ROSSVILLE, WALKER COUNTY (WRCB) - A home care employee has been charged with abusing a man with advanced Alzheimer's disease.

Rossville Police are still processing Thomas Scroggins, but tell Eyewitness News he faces several charges including aggravated sodomy and aggravated sexual battery.

The family of the patient started noticing bruising a couple of months ago.

They set up a nanny cam and allegedly caught Scroggins in the act.

Now, police are looking into the possibility there may be other victims.

"At this point in time we really haven't had a good opportunity to speak with his employers. Obviously, we will ascertain a list of his clients and look into that further," says Rossville Police Chief Sid Adams.

ResCare released a written statement saying:

"ResCare has just learned of this devastating news.  Our hearts go out to the client and the family during this difficult time.  We are very concerned and are fully cooperating with the police and their investigation.  We hesitate to provide further comment at this time as to not jeopardize the police investigation."