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Georgia will gain new US House representative

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CHATTANOOGA (WRCB/AP) - Georgia will gain an additional voice in the US House.

Based on the 2010 Census, Georgia will add a 14th representative in the House.

Georgia's population grew to 9,687,653 in 2010, a growth of 18.3% over the past decade.

Tennessee's population grew by 11.5%, to 6,346,105.

Washington, Nevada, Arizona, Texas, Florida and South Carolina also gained representatives.

Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Louisiana, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York all lost House members.

The process of congressional redistricting will begin in 2011.

Census director Robert Groves says the South and West continued their strong population growth over the last decade.

The total national count was 308,745,538, representing the slowest growth over the last decade since the Great Depression.

Groves spoke at a briefing announcing 2010 census results. He says the South had the fastest growth since 2000, at 14.3 percent.

The West was close behind at 13.8 percent.

The Northeast had 3.2 percent growth while the Midwest had 3.9 percent.

The state with the largest population growth was Nevada with 35.1 percent. Michigan was the only state with a decline, at 0.6 percent.




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