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Mom of crash victim: "We are lucky to have them"

Story by Callie Starnes
Eyewitness News Reporter/Anchor

CHATTANOOGA (WRCB)-- A mom says someone was watching over her daughter and unborn grandchild, when their car went plunging into the river.

Angel Humes is about to have a baby.

She was driving home Saturday night when she says she was forced off the road.

Angel's mother, Alice Baxter, wants to share her story, because she says another angel protected her family that night.

"She said she remembers hitting a tree and going into the water, and she said the cold water is what woke her up," says Alice Baxter.

Pregnant at 25 weeks, and with a broken collar bone, 17-year-old Angel Humes pulled her boyfriend from the icy Tennessee River.

"He was very out of it and she drug him, she said, out of the water over to the bank and left him there so she could go get help," says Baxter.

Angel walked half a mile to reach a subdivision where neighbors wrapped her in blankets and called 911.

A rescue team found her 17-year-old boyfriend on the river bank.

He suffered several broken bones when the car crossed lanes, hitting trees and landing in shallow water.

Angel told police she saw a blue car with bright lights barrel around a curve and swerve into her lane.

She says it was either hit the car head-on, or swerve to miss it.

"The person, whoever did it, didn't even stop to see what damage had been done," says Baxter.

Angel's mom says a local doctor and her family were the ones to render aid first.

She calls them angels.

"I want to say thank you, thank you so much, you know the Lord put her in the right place at the right time," says Baxter.

While Angel and her child's father continue to recover, Baxter says the true blessing comes in knowing they will all be together for the holidays.

"These are good kids, and we are lucky to have them, to still have them and my grandchild," says Baxter.

Investigators say roadway evidence contradicts Angel's story.

They think she's the one who crossed the lanes, then overcorrected and crashed.

No matter how it happened, the other driver could face charges for not stopping and rendering aid.

Police say it will be hard to find that driver.


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