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Local daycare finds new home

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Story by Callie Starnes
Eyewitness News Reporter/Anchor

CHATTANOOGA (WRCB)-- We have continuing coverage of a local child care program that came dangerously close to closing.

The Fire Marshall determined Trinity Lutheran's child care program was in violation of fire code.

The facility didn't have a sprinkler system or proper fire exits.

Friday the program moved 13 miles to its new home in Brainerd.

Teachers and parents rolled up their sleeves for a new beginning. A local daycare once left out in the cold now has a new home, for a new year.

From the truck to the classroom, nearly 30 volunteers, teachers, and parents helped the former Trinity Lutheran child care program move in and move up.

"Bigger classrooms, nicer facility, it's a church that really wants us and really wants young children," says Director Emily Nasca.

The program will rest its head at Brainerd United Methodist Church.

The congregation was one of seven that offered its facility to the program, when the Fire Marshall deemed Trinity Lutheran's building was not up to fire code.

"It was still scary, the not knowing, and the being put out in the cold in the middle of December at Christmas," says Nasca. "It was scary for parents and families, and the teachers who were going to be unemployed."

But by a Christmas miracle these teachers will keep their jobs and parents like Tim Woodard will have a place to send his children.

"It's a very good learning environment, our girls are already reading somewhat, they are actually about six months to a year ahead of where they should be," says Woodard.

Woodard says loosing the program would have been a set-back for his family, who is now driving half an hour to reach the new facility.

"It's just worth the drive to us," says Woodard.

Emily Nasca says it's a new beginning, one she never could have dreamed would turn out like this.

"You know what, we couldn't have dreamed of a better solution than this," says Nasca.

The program plans to reopen on January 3rd.

More than half of the students involved at the old facility will move to the new one, but because there are so many rooms here, staff will be able to welcome an additional 100 children.

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