By Callie Starnes
Eyewitness News Reporter

SODDY-DAISY, HAMILTON COUNTY, TN (WRCB) -- Some Soddy-Daisy homeowners are breathing easy, after a string of car breakins this week. Police have arrest two believe in connection with the thefts.

"The glove box was open, they just had everything tore out everywhere," says resident David Meador.

Meador was on his way to take his grandson to school, when he found his Cadillac trashed.

"You know me and my wife work real hard. I don't know what makes people think they can just come and take people's property. Its not right," says Meador.

Soddy-Daisy police say Meador was just one of nine homeowners in the Ashbrook Subdivision robbed, early Monday morning, by 21 year old Sean Harvey and 24 year old Rusty Campbell. Both face a long list of felony charges.

Police say the two got away with a multitude of stolen goods.

"GPS, Garmins attached to the windows, pocket books," says Soddy-Daisy Police Department Lt. Jeff Gann.

In some cases the pair used a brick to smash through car windows, but in most cases, this was simply a crime of opportunity.

"There's a very high percentage that are showing that there was no forced entry used. Meaning that the vehicles were left unlocked," says Lt. Gann.

David Meador's car was unlocked. The break in was so quick and quiet, the suspects got away without anyone seeing them. But they were quickly nabbed when they started spending.

"Some of the property taken from the vehicles was actually starting to show up in different locations," says Lt. Gann.

Police warn homeowners to take valuables out of cars and lock them at all times.

David Meador plans to do just that.

"it won't happen again," says Meador.

The good news, Police say they were able to recover everything that was stolen. The victims will get their belongings back.