Hamilton county will soon have a new leader... as Claude Ramsey prepares to head to Nashville and serve as deputy governor in Bill Haslam's new administration. And while voters have overwhelmingly supported Ramsey at the ballot box, they won't have the opportunity to do that for the next county mayor until 2012.
  That's because the new leader will be appointed by county commissioners... two of whom have expressed an interest in the job. This process has raised a lot of questions.
   Attorney Gary Starnes was our guest this morning.
   He said one of the main reasons a special election would not be held was because of the cost. Gary went on to say that with both Jim Coppinger and Larry Henry interested in the position, neither one could vote for themselves, so they would only have to get four votes, and that could lead to a tie.  The other person mentioned for the job, Mike Carter would have to get five votes to win the post.